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Moscow Capital Club

received its residence in the Central House of Writers on Povarskaya street — one of the main streets of the historical centre of the city between Tverskaya and New Arbat street, near the Kremlin. This location of the Club has been chosen by serious reasons.

Since the time of Peter the First Povarskaya and adjacent streets were the location of a well-born noble people living. In those days, it was the most aristocratic district of Moscow, where the houses belonged to princely and ducal families. Here are just a few names — Dolgorukovs, Golitsyns, Sheremetyevs, Gagarins... In the late XIX — early XX century, the district became bourgeois with houses of Ryabushinsky, Morozov, Fisanovich... Povarskaya street is connected with life and creativity of outstanding figures of Russian culture. There lived Mikhail Lermontov, Denis Davydov and Nikolay Ogarev, as well as many other poets, writers, artists, - persons of the top of Russian culture. Povarskaya street is also valuable because of historical and cultural uniqueness of its buildings: many of them are real relics of history and architecture. Close to it there is the Church of the Great Ascension well known because Alexander Pushkin and Natalia Goncharova have been married there, and the Church of Simeon Stolpnik.

Recently most of the mansions and estates on Povarskaya street have been chosen by the Embassies and representative offices of different countries. As for the Club building, where now the Central House of Writers is located, its story it truly unique. The mansion in neo-Gothic style was built in 1889 by order of Prince Sviatopolk-Chetvertinsky, then passed into the possession of the Duchess Olsufieva. During some period the building was the meeting place of the most influential Russian Masonic lodges, and in Soviet times, at the request of Maxim Gorky it was forwarded to the House of Writers and then became the Central House of Writers.

The interior of the building has remained almost unchanged for centuries and is known for its rich wood decoration - there remains a working fireplace and a spiral staircase with private access. At the end of 1980-s it was carried out the restoration of the building, which did not affect the main structural elements, and decorative interior details were restored. The building is also the scientific library of the TSDL (CHW) and one of the best restaurants of Moscow - "C. D. L.".

Moscow Capital Club events take place in the Oak room with wood wall panels, crystal chandeliers and a fireplace. For business negotiations the separate rooms are comfortable, and for the nice time and a casual conversation the members can choose the Cigar room, Fireplace room or the restaurant.

Moscow Capital Club in the Central House of Writers
Povarskaya str. 50/53 build. 1 121069 Moscow
+7 495 922-40-30
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