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Moscow Capital Club — a private members-only club, having wide international relations. The membership is based only on the recommendation of the full members approved by the Guardians Board. Each candidate has to submit a completed application form.

On joining the Club, you become part of a privileged community of entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians, persons of culture and art and get the opportunity to find interesting acquaintances, to represent your own interests and the interests of your company, both in Russia and abroad.

You also qualify for special status, privileges and special offers provided both by Moscow Capital Club and International Associate Clubs.

As a member of MCC You will get invitations to closed events on various subjects. Among them there are meeting with high-level professionals in various fields of knowledge, presentations, exhibitions, conferences and discussion clubs, tasting evenings, theater shows and so on.

The closeness of the club guarantees to its members the privacy and the location in a historic building in the center of Moscow provides an exclusive, aristocratic surrounding, a special atmosphere and services in the restaurant of the top class.

Another significant advantage is that club membership is automatically opened for your spouse.

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