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Club cards

Individual membership card

Under the Charter of the Moscow Capital Club the owners of individual membership cards can be persons aged 21 years or older, whose candidacy is approved by the Guardians Board. On joining the Club membership is automatically opened for member’s spouse.

Corporate membership card

Corporate membership involves the purchase of two or more cards for a company. Corporate member (company) may recommend or nominate the person who gets the right to enjoy all the privileges of the Moscow Capital Club and International Associate Clubs (IAC). Corporate members who, for personal or professional reasons, are forced to abandon membership in the Club, have the right to nominate another candidate to his place with the approval of the Guardians Board.

Lifetime membership

Club members, who purchase the lifetime membership and have already the privileges that are provided by Moscow Capital Club and International Associate Clubs have to be approved by the Guardians Board and be aged 21 years or older. Total number of lifetime members is limited. Individual membership can be changed to lifetime after completion of the probationary period. The payments made earlier for individual membership will be deducted from the lifetime membership entry fee.

Platinum membership

Club members who purchase platinum membership card, whose candidacy was approved by the Guardians Board, and entitled to enjoy the privileges provided by the Moscow Capital Club and International Associate Clubs (IAC), should attain a minimum age of 21 years. In addition, platinum members receive shares in the Moscow Metropolitan Club (without the decision voice) and an invitation to participate in exclusive events organized exclusively for holders of platinum cards of the Club.

Transfer of membership cards

All Club membership can be transferred to individuals, companies, partnerships and associations. Each nominee must be approved by the Guardians Board. Membership becomes effective once the payment of the sum established by the Club is done.

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