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The Advisory Board decides about the membership at Moscow Capital Club. Every candidate must submit a completed application form. Priority will be given to those candidates recommended by existing members as well as additional nominees of Corporate Members. All categories of membership are subject to the valid rules of Moscow Capital Club which may be updated from time to time.

Individual Membership

Individual Members, who are eligible to all privileges of Moscow Capital Club as well as the network of all International Associate Clubs, have to be minimum 21 years. All privileges of the club also apply to your spouse.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership can be acquired in the name of the corporation. Commercial and freelance companies as well as partnerships may apply to become Corporate Members. A Corporate Member may recommend or designate two persons who should be entitled to full use of the privileges of Moscow Capital Club. Corporate Members who need to cease their membership at Moscow Capital Club due to private or job-related reasons can name another person in their place as member. This is subject to approval by the Advisory Board. The transfer can be made upon payment of the required fee.

Transferability of Membership

All membership categories are transferable to an individual, company, partnership or association. Each application has to be approved by the Executive Committee of the Club and upon payment of the required fee.

Moscow Capital Club in the Central House of Writers
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