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On April 18, the guest of the Moscow capital Club became the entrepreneur Mikhail Prokhorov. The
theme of the evening was indicated as: "what’s to do?" One have to agree that in the period of
sanctions and pressure to Russia be the West it is interesting to hear the answer to the question:
"what’s to do?" from the most successful entrepreneur of our country. Club members asked for an
advice where to invest money now, asked questions about the presidential elections of 2012, about the
party "Civil platform", created by Mikhail Prokhorov in 2012 and many others. There were so many
guests wishing to ask the question, that not each of them could get answers. The meeting was
moderated by the honored lawyer of the Russian Federation Federation Mikhail Barshchevsky. Perhaps,
it was one of the brightest discussions in the whole history of the Moscow Capital Club.

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Moscow Capital Club in the Central House of Writers
Povarskaya str. 50/53 build. 1 121069 Moscow
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