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The Minister opened the discussion on the development of the country's transport system. On his opinion, the main frame of this system is the railway network. Through the reconstruction of BAM and Transsib the railroads will reach the target indicators of transportation capacity of 60 billion tons – this year. But the Ministry has already prepared suggestions for further development - in order to increase the freight capacity up to 100 billion tons.

The Minister considers the most important innovation the construction of high-speed railway, the first section of which - Moscow-Kazan - will reduce the travel time between these points from 17 to 3.5 hours. And inside it, the distance between major cities will be from 40 minutes to 1 hour. This, he said, will have the same value for the increase mobility of the population, as the MCC for Moscow.

Maxim Sokolov told the members of the Moscow Capital Club that the eternal Russian the problem with land roads is already in the past: 80% of Federal roads are renovated to the standard state, and now local roads are being put in order as well. Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov