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Moscow Capital Club New Business Season

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Moscow Capital Club is opening a new business season with an updated website, where for your convenience we present the Calendar of planned events for the next few months:

This autumn we will be hosting for our members the exclusive guest-speaker events with the known political, social and economic leaders of the country: Vitaly Ignatenko (19.09), Mikhail Alekseev (25.09), Ksenia Sobchak (2.10), Alexander Voloshin (18.10), Leonid Kazinets (24.10), David Yakobashvili (22.11), Mikhail Zadornov (29.11).

There will be a special event to attend to on October 14 (Sunday). Moscow Capital Club invites you to a Gala-dinner at the Ritz Carlton, Moscow. The Gala dinner is held in partnership with the "Russian Assemblies" Foundation, a well-known organizer of high-society events in the capital.

Since September the Club opens at 8.30 during week days. Now you can plan the morning business meetings, combining them with a delicious breakfast at Moscow Capital Club CDL Restaurant.

Some changes in the main menu of the CDL Restaurant have been prepared for the new season too. Among the updated dishes, salad with veal roast beef and Baku tomatoes, stuffed carp under marinade, cabbage rolls (golubtsy) with rabbit meat under cowberry sauce, "Kievsky" cake, rum-baba with fresh berries and other culinary discoveries.

Moscow Capital Club New Business Season