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The concert of Andrey Makarevich

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"The limitation of funds is a way to recognize master" wrote Goethe. Andrey Makarevich has been practicing jazz for fifteen years, and in all his projects at least ten musicians have been on stage with him. "Creole tango orchest" began modestly, with only seven participants, but soon it grew to a big band with a full horn section. "L. O. V. E-Songs about love", "Yiddish jazz"; from the very beginning have been created in such way: there were not only brass bands, but also several vocalists! And now Andrey Makarevich decided to take the next step and test the new format. Directly opposite to previous one.

"I have always believed that the clearer is the idea, the less visual means it requires. This rule can be applied to any kind of art. And in general, if before musicians had to be minimalistic - it mainly
depended on the fact that they did not know how to play any other way. Now the picture is different - these musicians are able to do a lot, so their minimalism is not forced, but a conscious one" - Andrey

In the new project “Yo5” together with Makarevich on the stage are Evgeny Borets - piano, Sergey Khutas – contrabass, David Tkebuchava - drums and Timur Nekrasov, responsible for all brass instruments. The repertoire of the new project includes songs of "Time Machine" and solo program of its leader. The premiere of the new program was held in September-October 2015 during a concert tour in Sweden and Finland. By now, the project already had been shown during a large tour in Germany, as well as in Switzerland, Israel, Georgia, Holland, Ukraine and Belgium. The concert of Andrey Makarevich