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Oak Hall

Oak Hall

Oak hall is the largest and most luxurious of chambers of the Moscow Capital Club, whose residence is in the Central House of Writers. After the restoration made a few years ago according to historical documents, interior and decorative details of this amazing main Hall has been maximally restored in the original form. Monumentality, respectability, gentility — such words can describe the Oak hall.

High ceilings and windows, decorated with valuable woods, and oak paneled walls, fill the space with warmth. Through the huge stained glass windows, decorated with the coat of arms of the former owners of the mansion — the counts Olsufiev — sunlight comes and refracts in the crystal pendants of the huge chandelier creating a festive and intimate atmosphere.

Hall has two levels: a large part is occupied with a quaint curving solid wood stairs, made without a single nail and supported with four carved columns of sandalwood. The staircase has a «noble» scratch and leads to the choir, but it is also the main decoration element and a dominating feature of the room.

As a legacy from the Masonic Lodge, which met here under the leadership of count Olsufiev, in the Oak hall remained the mysterious spirit and a wooden carved quatrefoils — the symbol of the Freemasons. Another dominant feature of the hall is a magnificent three-tiered crystal chandelier presented by Stalin. And the exposition on the piano with authentic family photos of the counts Olsufiev and their descendants gives a possibility of further feel of the historical grandeur and the times connection in this unique room.

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