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“C.D.L.” restaurant has the unbreakable connection and a common history with the Central House of Writers. The Count and Countess Olsufiev owning a mansion on Povarskaya street until 1917, have been hospitable hosts. They organized Grand receptions for the Metropolitan nobility, the famous Moscow poets, writers, and musicians in their large, exquisitely decorated house. There were celebrations in honor of the coronation of Nicholas II, a Royal lunch, which was attended by members of the Romanov family.

After the revolution, when the mansion became the property of the Union of writers, there was organized the dining room for Union members and their families, and later in the staterooms there was opened a restaurant, which still exists and today it is one of the best restaurants of Moscow.

During such eventful epoch, the guests of the restaurant were Indira Gandhi, Ronald Reagan, Gina Lollobrigida and many other famous politicians, actors, writers...

Today the “C.D.L.” restaurant is a historical place which can be called

⁠ called a Restaurant-Museum.



121069 Moscow, Povarskaya str. 50/53 build. 1

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